How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft PowerPoint

It is possible to remove unwanted images‘ pixels within Microsoft PowerPoint using the built-in cropping tool. It is also possible to crop the image to create the specific shape. This is how you can crop photos within Microsoft PowerPoint.

Crop a Picture in PowerPoint

To crop images within PowerPoint to crop it, simply open the PowerPoint, add the picture (Insert > Picture) and then choose the picture.

After you have selected it Once you have selected it, after selecting, the „Picture Format“ tab will be displayed. Select it, and then select“Crop“ to open the „Crop“ button found in the „Size“ group.

A drop-down menu will be displayed. Select „Crop.“

The handles for cropping will appear within the frame of the photo. To crop specific regions, just click then drag them around to capture only the information you wish to preserve.

After defining the area in the frame click the icon located in the upper portion of the „Crop“ option in the „Size“ group of the „Picture Format“ tab.

Your photo will be cropped.

Crop a Picture as a Shape

To reduce a picture into shapes Open your PowerPoint document, insert a picture (Insert > Picture) Then, select the shape.

On the „Picture Format“ tab, select on the „Crop“ button found in the „Size“ group. Within the dropdown menu you can choose „Crop To Shape.“

A second menu that displays a huge collection of shapes will be displayed. Choose the shape you’d prefer to crop the image into. The shape we’ll choose is a basic oval for this illustration.

After you have selected the oval will appear over your photo along with cropping handles that will set the size of the cropped area. Adjust them to your liking.

When you’re ready, click the icon next to „Crop“ in the „Size“ section within the „Picture Format“ tab.

Your photo is now cropped.